2013.09.04.”Does Europe Matter?” Now available for online download | [ 歐洲重要嗎? ] 中英讀本,即日起提供線上下載




“Does Europe Matter? ”  Now available for online download


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「歐洲重要嗎?」是由奧籍華裔藝術家楊俊與北京觀心亭(維他命創意空間)、台北當代藝術中心,以及《典藏.今藝術》共同合作的一個藝術項目。 中英讀本收錄了十位策展人、藝術家、評論家的文章,包括鄭美雅、芭芭拉‧史黛娜、楊俊、蘇哲安、劉建華、梁展峯、黃建宏、鄭慧華、歐寧、龔卓軍。由鄭美雅(台北當代藝術中心)主編,線上PDF版本由Oliver Klimpel設計。



「歐洲重要嗎?」在「歐洲n 次方」的架構內實踐,此為於十個歐盟境內外的城市舉辦的跨國合作計畫。此計畫由歌德學院、歐盟文化項目、羅伯特·博世基金會與文化聯盟基金會資助。


The Chinese text version of Does Europe Matter? was published in Artco Monthly April 2013 issue. The Chinese/English reader is now available online at TCAC’s website.

Does Europe Matter?

-a project by Jun Yang in collaboration with The Pavilion (Vitamin Creative Space), Beijing, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, and Artco Monthly.

The publication of Does Europe Matter comprises the articles by ten curators, artists and critics including Meiya CHENG, Barbara STEINER, Jun YANG, Jon D. SOLOMON, Jasper LAU, Jeff LEUNG, HUANG Chien Hung, Amy CHENG, OU Ning, GONG Jow-Jiun. It was edited by Meiya Cheng (Taipei Contemporary Art Center), and the PDF Reader version was designed by Oliver Klimpel.

The conceptual structure of this publication stems from the complicated political, economical and cultural relationship between Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, in response to the discussion that had been initiated by “Europe to the Power of n.” The cities selected in this art project are mostly from countries recognized as the “European centers” or from controversial locations, which highlight peripheral and alternative voices. China, in contrast to Europe, embraces a single political system that appears to have a clear cultural identification and profound history. However, this book selected Taiwan and HK as the major references in order to emphasize different perspectives, political standpoints and ambiguous cultural identifications besides the single political system of that in China.

Apart from challenging the concept of a single nation and cultural identification within the Chinese-speaking zone (Jon D. SOLOMON), the articles are a constellation of political realized projects and strategies, including experiments of culture, ecology, politics and society (OU Ning and Jasper LAU). Moreover, writers from Taiwan discuss in their articles contemporary impacts of the colonial history on Taiwan, and the idea of women’s rights reflected from Japanese colonization (GONG Jow-Jiun) and finally, Taiwanese contemporary curating history (Amy CHENG).

Does Europe Matter? was realised within the framework of Europe (to the power of) n, a transnational collaborative project that took place in 10 cities in and outside the European Union. The project was supported by the Goethe-Institut, the Cultural Programme of the European Union, the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Allianz Cultural Foundation.

(翻譯/Translation : 周思婷/ Christine Szu-Ting Chou