2010.05.07 Friday Bar : Natural/ Unnatural hosted by Johannes Zits and Ed Pien | 星期五酒吧:Johannes Zits and Ed Pien的《自然 不自然》


本週五台北當代藝術中心在藝術家湯皇珍的行動開幕之後,繼續舉行的星期五酒吧,請到了來自加拿大多倫多的藝術家Johannes Zits與Ed Pien (邊亦中)。他們在重慶駐村一個月之後,來到了台北。


於重慶之時,Zits首次展演新作品《附體自然》。與當地的表演者任前(Ren Qian) 合作,賦予大自然形體。Zits使用數位影像、攝影、拼貼、繪畫與表演於作品中,凸顯出身體與自然。


This week, TCAC invites Toronto based artists, Johannes Zits and Ed Pien (邊亦中) to be the host of our Friday Bar. They are in Taipei after a month-long residency in Chongqing.

Using drawing, paper-cuts, installation, sound and video work, Pien celebrates curiosity, wonder and enchantment while exploring the intangible and the imagined. Pien aims to make conceptually and physically provocative art that invites engaged perceptual experiences. Pien currently has two solo touring exhibitions, one in Canada and the other in the UK. In Chongqing, Zits premiered a new collaborative performance piece entitled 附体自然 Embodying Nature, with local artist, 任前 (Ren Qian). In his work, Zits uses digital imaging, photography, collage, painting and performance to focus on the body and nature.

For their presentation at TCAC, Zits will present a selection of his 2-D works and recent video as well as images from the latest work realized in Chongqing. Pien will present a brief overview of his recent work.