2010.04.30 Friday Bar : Urban Nomad Grand Opening Afterparty | 星期五酒吧: 城市遊牧影展開幕 Afterparty

台北當代藝術中心 4.30 星期五酒吧:城市遊牧影展開幕的 Afterparty

2010年城市游牧影展將於4月30號於中華路上的國軍文藝中心盛大開展,開幕片為奧斯卡得獎片-血色海灣。映後將邀請所有人前往台北當代藝術中心(TCAC)參加 Afterparty,與日本DJ Pencil一同暢快享受影像的播放與暢飲可樂娜啤酒,且不收取任何費用!

DJ Pencil,又名清水(Shimizu)是東京Mimie-chan樂團的成員之一。他以瘋狂的舞台表演方式著名,外號為Mr.Excitement。在台灣多年以來,他因’尿布’而為人所知,因為那是他在舞台上唯一會穿的服飾。但現在他已經進化到穿著奇怪卡通人物造型的衣服,或是其它能夠使人們發笑的服裝。身為這場聚會的當家DJ,他將會放送超棒搖滾樂,帶領我們high翻全場。

TCAC 04.30 Friday Bar: Urban Nomad Grand Opening Afterparty

The 2010 Urban Nomad Film Fest opens on 4/30 with the Oscar-winning film THE COVE at the Armed Forces Cultural Center on Zhonghua Rd, and after the screening we’re bringing everyone over to TCAC for an afterparty with Japan’s DJ Pencil, surf videos and Corona beer. Like every event at TCAC, everyone is welcome and entry is free of charge.

DJ Pencil, aka Shimizu, is a member of the Tokyo-based band Mimie-chan. Nicknamed “Mr. Excitement,” he is known for wild stage performances. For many years in Taiwan, he was known simply as “Diaper” because that’s all he would ever wear on stage, but now he has evolved to strange cartoon body suits and other costumes that make people laugh. As DJ for this party, he will play rock ‘n roll.