ABOUT TCAC 2010-2012 | 關於台北當代藝術中心 2010-2012

台北當代藝術中心 (TCAC) 成立於2010年2月,這是由一群當代藝術家、策展人、學者及文化工作者所獨立籌設的藝術空間。這個為期兩年的領航計畫是一個藝術圈自我發表、互動、國際交流的平台及實體空間,也是台灣當代藝術社群關心、研究、討論社會政治議題、文化政策、美學立場的公共領域,以及形塑社會文化變遷批判意見的公器。




Opened in February 2010, Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) is an independent initiative founded by a group of artists, curators, scholars and cultural activists. TCAC is a platform for the art community to express itself, to interact among themselves and to exchange with international art worlds; a discursive space where the art community can discuss, research and address their concerns on socio-political issues, cultural policies and aesthetic positions — ultimately becoming a shared channel where critical opinions on social and cultural changes are voiced.

During its two-year pilot phase, TCAC is housed in a 4-story building* in the Taipei Ximen area. Major activities include the presentation of art works, films, books, music, and performances, as well as lectures, forums, symposiums, publications and exhibitions. Besides programs planned and produced by our operation team, we are also open to external initiatives. At TCAC, we welcome and encourage emerging artists and professionals to create and present their own discursive and artistic programs.

Taipei Contemporary Art Center Archives is a research database consisting of artists and other art professionals actively working in Taiwan (and abroad).

In its founding phase, the financial operation of TCAC is made possible by the generously donated works of artists and support of individuals. However, the long-term goal is to secure governmental and/or private sponsorship(s) to facilitate a stable and independent operation.

*Space sponsorship: JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture