#2 a verb between Yin and Yang
A Nocturnal Sound Salon & The Ying Ecstasy sound project


Black and white, water (transformation) and fire (creativity), earth and heaven, moon and sun, passive and active, feminine and masculine, sound and vision. Through the harmonious balancing of opposites, the concept of Yin and Yang considers universal existence as an inseparable and contradictory double-face to achieve its own balance. Yin and Yang is not meant to be perfect but meant to be whole. Departing from Taoism philosophy, A Verb between Yin and Yang rethinks how ideology distorts the space of interpretation and how post-industrial society constructs normative perception in the everyday. If Yang refers to symbolic stereotypes and order then Yin applies itself to an invisible chaos that runs beneath the surface. By presenting a site-specific sound installation, following a collaborative performance, and taking part in a participatory action, the core of this event turns on opening the Yin as a means to balance our predominantly Yang-infused life. 

*The pronunciation of Yin in Chinese is the same as feminine. 

A Nocturnal Performance Salon on Friday 15 September, 8pm
   Moot Point by Mabe Fratti(Guatemala)
   Vibrator Love of Sound by Betty Apple(Taiwan)
   A Verb between Yin and Yang  by DJ Pablo EscalónColombia)& VJ Mauricio Arroyo(Mexico)
Venue: Vernacular Institute (Av. Benjamin Franklin 50, Casa C, Escandón, Mexico City)

The Ying Ecstasy sound project by Cheng Yi-Ping aka Betty Apple is a live art performance taking place in a mobile taxi in Mexico City during 21 & 22 Sep. The performance is by appointment. To book email: blacklanguage@vernacular.institute

Glitch, Noise, and Jam – A self-organised peer-to-peer jam with various participants on Saturday, 23 September

Cheng Yi-Ping aka Betty Apple (b.1986, based in Taipei)  is a sound artist, electronic composer and DJ, and her practice is mainly in live art, sound art and video.  Using sound and body as her artistic approach,  the concept of her works is rooted from the postcolonial surrounding she originally comes from. By desecrating the imaginary historical burden and false symbols of race and history with the fictional intercontextuality, Cheng intends to break the control of industrial civilisation and to deconstruct the order of new world. More