2013.04.01-31:Does Europe Matter? | 典藏今藝術 247期4月號專題 [ 歐洲重要嗎?]





典藏今藝術 247期4月號專題 「歐洲重要嗎?」Does Europe Matter?
「歐洲重要嗎?」, 由奧籍華裔藝術家楊俊策畫, 是史黛娜(Barbara Steiner)所策畫的大型藝術計畫「歐洲n 次方」中的一個藝術項目。這個項目包含了一個將在觀心亭(維他命創意空間),北京展出的展覽;以及本次由台北當代藝術中心與《典藏.今藝術》共同合作的「歐洲重要嗎?」四月號專題。我們邀請了共九位策展人、藝術家、評論家,各自從藝術生產與文化評論的觀點,切入這個與歐洲相關的議題。「歐洲n次方」一共邀請了15 名策展人、11個合作機構,分別在十個城市發展出各自相異的計畫,而「歐洲重要嗎?」是該計畫中唯一一個不在歐洲發生的項目。「歐洲重要嗎?」選擇與中國、台灣的機構共同合作,以一個「外部」觀點,重新回看歐洲。(文/鄭美雅)

Does Europe matter? is part of the major art project Europe (to the power of) n directed by Barbara Steiner and is curated by Australian born Chinese artist Jun Yang. It includes an exhibition at The Pavilion (Vitamin Creative Space) in Beijing and a special feature Does Europe matter? in the April issue of Artco Monthly, co-organized by TCAC. We have invited nine curators, artists, and critics to discuss the Europe-related issue from perspectives of art production and cultural criticism. Europe (to the power of) n has invited 15 curators and 11 organizations to present different projects in ten cities, and Does Europe Matter? is the only one the does not take place in Europe. Does Europe Matter? chooses to cooperate with institutions in China and Taiwan to view Europe from an “exterior” standpoint.