2011.10.01: [ 2011 Art Village Project]: Chinese Contemporary Artists Forum_Tong Chen x Xiang-dong Zhou / Manray Hsu(Host) | [ 2011藝術村專案 ] 陳侗x周向東 – 大陸當代藝術家講座 / 主持人-徐文瑞

[ 2011藝術村專案 ] 

時間: 10/01(六)   7-9pm 

講題:陳侗 x 周向東 – 大陸當代藝術家講座

內容簡介:  陳侗  x  周向東   |   博爾赫斯書店 x 造實驗工作室   



[ 2011 Art Village Project]

Time: Oct. 1 (Sat.)  7-9 pm

Title: Chen Tong and Zhou Xiangdong–Chinese Contemporary Artists Forum

Content: Chen Tong and Zhou Xiangdong: Libreria Borges and Manufactura’s Studio

Host: Manray Hsu





Chen Tong was born in Hunan Province in 1962. The founder of Libreria Borges Bookshop and Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art in Guangzhou. Chen Tong is also an artist.

Chen Tong studied in the Chinese Painting department of Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy from 1979-1983, where he has continued to teach since 1986. In 1992, he launched the 「Encyclopedia of Experimental Art (EALS)」, which includes contemporary art, film, photography, theories, etc. In 1994, he established 「Libreria Borges 」, where he organised events of contemporary art and culture. In 1998, he co-established a publishing studio with Lu Yi and curated “Collection Minuit.” He translated and introduced works from a French publishing house, Les Éditions de Minuit (Midnight Press), esp. works of the nouveau roman. In 2007, he established Libreria Borges Institute for Contemporary Art. His works include: “One’s Own World: French Life and Art” (2002), “About Croquis: An Aesthetic Attitude of life” (2003), “Manet’s Railway” (2005).


書店與當代藝術的緊密聯繫導致它組織了眾多廣東當代藝術家, 博爾赫斯書店分成”作為機構”的書店和”作為作品”的書店。身為”作品”的博爾赫斯書店曾參加第四屆光州雙年展,並作為「廣東快車」的一部分參加第五十屆威尼斯雙年展

Libreria Borges

Libreria Borges is an independent gallery cum bookshop. Based on its close relationship with contemporary art, it has organised a series of contemporary art activities, including exhibitions of young artists like Cao Fei, Yang Yong, Wang Ningde and others in Guangdong Province. Libreria Borges is not only a bookshop as “an institution” but “as a work of art.”  Libreria Borges as an artwork participated in art exhibitions such as 「Pause」 The Fourth Gwangju Biennale in Korea in 2002 and 「The Express Train from Canton, Stop at Hong Kong」 (Hong Kong, China), “Zone of Urgency」, the 50th Venice Biennale in Italy in 2003.

周向東,造實驗工作室 Manufactura’s Studio 負責人,藝術家。

Zhou Xiangdong. The owner of Manufactura’s Studio and an artist.


造實驗工作室Manufactura’s Studio

位於武漢地區的當代藝術聚集中心,其長期計畫《武漢影像交流》目的是為武漢及其它地區的「個人影像工作者」提供一個交流的平台。不定期地舉辦作品展演, 並聚集許多「個人影像工作者」。經由展演記錄建立作品檔案,階段性地印製作品圖錄。

Manufactura’s Studio

It is a contemporary art center in Wuhan. Its long-term project “Wuhan Image Interchange” aims at providing a platform for the individual visual artists in Wuhan and other areas. It holds “open house” live art events from time to time and many visual artists gather there. It documents their works through the records of the events and prints the catalogues of the works step by step.


翻譯:林怡君 (Rebecca Lin)