2011.11.17:[ 2011 Residency Project]: TALK_Shih-chieh Huang and EXHIBITION OPENING_Xu Tan / Manray Hsu(Host) | [ 2011藝術村專案 ] 黃世傑講座 暨 徐坦<關鍵詞>展覽開幕/主持人-徐文瑞





[ 2011藝術村專案 ] —- 同日為徐坦<關鍵詞>展覽開幕

時間: 11/17(四)   7-9pm





[ 2011 Residency Project]

Time: Nov. 17 (Thu.)  7-9 pm

Speaker: Shih Chieh Huang

Host: Manray Hsu




Shih Chieh Huang graduated from MFA, School of Visual Arts (ManhattanNew York) and Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Maine). He often adopts the ordinary artificial material such as air or water containers, electronic toys and combines them to create an organic environment, installation and sculpture. The dynamic causal system of disintegrating, collecting and reassembling everyday objects reconstructs the condition of the objects with the environment and even the relationship with the audience, further investigating how things work.