2011.11.25: [2011 Residency Project]: Art needs to fight together_Emerson Wang(Speaker) x Manray Hsu(Host) | [ 2011藝術村專案最後一檔 ] 王焜生_藝術也要聯合作戰/主持人-徐文瑞



[ 2011藝術村專案 ]

時間: 11/25 (五)   7-9pm






倒下的是圍牆 燃起的是自信,從柏林當代藝術現象談起。














王焜生 Emerson Wang
自2002年起旅居德國柏林與漢堡。2006-2007年受韓國文化觀光部邀請,擔任國立當代美術館訪問研究員與策展人、荷蘭Science of the Time研究機構研究成員之一、典藏今藝術歐洲特約、朱銘美術館季刊專欄作者以及其他機構與媒體的計畫研究與策劃人。最近接任來自香港,於台灣與香港、澳門新創刊雜誌 Art Plus的台灣區主編與作者群之一。





[2011 Residency Project]

Time: Nov 25 (Fri.)  7-9 pm

Title: Art needs to fight together

Speaker:  Emerson Wang

Host: Manray Hsu


The walls fell but the confidence rose. Let’s talk about the phenomenon of contemporary art in Berlin.


The world of 21th century has been turned upside down. The ideal of art needs to take reality into consideration to exert influence. The age of fighting alone has passed. Fighting together will become a new power.


How to alleviate the anxiety of peripherization?

How do artists find a way?

How do art spaces survive?

How do galleries replace official art fair?

How do we redefine art museums?

What do we need inTaiwan?


From the experiences of Berlin, let’s talk about the future of art inTaipei.



Emerson Wang has lived inBerlinandHamburgsince 2002. From 2006 to 2007. he was invited by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism inS. Koreato be the visiting researcher and curator in National Museum of Contemporary Art. He was one of the research members of “Science of the Time” in theNetherlands, the correspondent of ARTCO magazine inEurope, the column writer of the Quarterly of Zhu Ming Art Museum and the researcher and curator of other institutions and media. Recently he serves as the chief editor and one of the writers of Art Plus inTaiwan, a new magazine from Hong Kong andMacao.