2011.11.03: Thu. Book Release: Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei: The Coming of Doppelgängers 7pm | 誰怕艾未未:影行者的到來 新書發表會

10.03   Thu.    誰怕艾未未:影行者的到來 新書發表會

Book Release of “Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei: The Coming of Doppelgängers”




Host: Tieh-chih Chang

Guest speakers: Minghan Hsu, Manray Hsu, Yung-Fen Hu, Chien-Hung Huang







In the large solo exhibition of “Ai Weiwei: Absense” in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the artist himself is made absent, but “Ai Weiwei” is not absent.

Ai Weiwei should not be parenthesized without being discussed or only be endowed with a political and cultural question mark, even an exclamation mark of symbolic consumption.

“Ai Weiwei” is no longer a name of a person, but a method, an activistic way of loving future here and now.

Ai Weiwei in parenthesis has been the focus of international media, being quoted by various cultural fields and apparently becoming a platform of international discussion. Then, after the April Event at TCAC, we want to ask: who’s afraid of Ai Weiwei in the world, in China, in Taiwan, and in Taipei, here and now.




Organizers: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Baqi Wenhua (publisher)