2010 Forum Biennial :Bbrother “Art Strike”Bbrother | 《藝術罷工》




5(長)x 3(深)x 2(高)公尺















2010    「新觀念藝術」,TamTam8藝廊,柏林,德國


2009    「全球化與台灣國際定位藝術家聯展」,普普藝廊,倫敦,英國


2008    「師傅說:學國畫就像打功夫」,台北市大安社區大學國畫班,台北,台灣



2007    「CO6台灣前衛文件展」,國立台灣美術館,台中,台灣

「方向歸零—台灣新興藝術家」, Noonecares藝廊,上海,中國


2006    「畫筆,科技時代下的最後陽具隱喻」,未知畫會,台北,台灣




Art Strike


5(L) x 3(D) x 2 (H) m

Mixed media


According to a recent study by the WHO, art education has been linked to a dramatic increase in dick cancer. Results from the study indicated a remarkable increased risk of dick cancer in men or women who under an art education or related career for one year or longer. As such, the artist, myself, is compelled to take the decision to strike. I refuse to produce artworks which contribute to this Forum Biennial which is damaging people’s health. I will carry on protest until my demands are met. This is an art strike and I am calling for workers, students and the public to join hands and solidarity to this struggle.


There is aesthetics in social protests. Protests require arrangement of time and space like social symphony and sculptures. Slogans, banners, drums sounds and fury in it are forms create an impact to the spectators. Thus, statements can be made and massages can be delivered. The form of protest is based on a logic: there is an eternal binary opposition within the form of protests. On the one hand are the supposed governmental/commercial institutions which are systematically exploiting specific marginal groups. On the other are the assumed suppressed who are forced to adapt protest as an instrument for the struggle of power. Thus, the purpose of protest is to reveal the ‘truth’. By means of exposing the truth, protests can be the embodiment of the notions of equality, human rights, justice and so on.


This art strike is composed of various visual elements and texts from different real social events. As a fictional protest, its ‘invalidity’ guarantees its political radicality; its target is the vows to the ‘validity’ and ‘truth’ claimed by the form of protests. (Text by Bbrother)





b. 1982. Now lives and works In London, UK.


Selected Exhibitions


2010    Neo-Nazi ConceptualismTamTam8, Berlin, Germany


2009    Ok…How About Abusing the Foreigners and Call it Globalization?, Gallerie Poo-Poo, London, UK


2008    Kung-Fu Masters in Chinese Painting, The Chinese Arts Professional and Community Education Course of Taipei Da-An District Communal College, Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan


2007    CO6 TAIWAN AVANT-GARDE DOCUMENTA, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

Runaway Zero-Taiwan New Emerging Artists, Noonecares Gallery, Shanghai, China


2006    Expressionism and Mental Masturbation, Gallery Untitled, Taipei, Taiwan