2014. 05.16- 06. 08 TCAC Screening Program #02: Chi Kai-yuan | TCAC放映室 #02:紀紐約


2014. 05.16- 06. 08  TCAC放映室 #02:紀紐約

TCAC Screening Program #02: Chi Kai-yuan

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藝術家對談:2014. 05. 30(五) 晚間7:00

開放時間:週三~週日 下午1:00~7:00
主辦單位:台北當代藝術中心 項目主持人:方彥翔


TCAC Screening Program #02: Chi Kai-yuan

“TCAC Screening Program” is a series of routine screening events organized by TCAC since 2014. The Screening Program monthly presents a selection of video works from different single artist/group, and it investigates specific concepts or issues in contemporary art and society.

This second section of screening presents three video works of “the Exercise Trilogy” by Chi Kai-yuan. The series includes “Octagonal Circle”, “Triangle Table” and “Blooming without Reasons.”

In most of Chi Kai-yuan’s works, the artist used objects as a kind of media to explore the specificity of site or the relational form between people, he made slight variations of daily objects to induce a larger impact at the scene. In Chi’s recent work “the Exercise Trilogy,” he expands the practice of objects into a kind of gesture to intervene a place; therefore, it draws out a new image of schema of the connection between body and space, individual and locality.

Artist Talk: 2014. 05. 30 (Fri.) 7pm
Discussants: HUANG Chien-hung, FANG Yen-hsiang

Open hour: Wed.- Sun. 1~7pm
(The Screening Program will be temporarily suspended during other events or exhibitions. Sorry for causing any inconveniences.)

Organize by Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Host by Fang Yen-hsiang
Sponsored by National Culture and Arts Foundation