2014.12.21 Burning Issue Residency Talk “Do it yourself!” | 關鍵議題駐村講座「Do it yourself!」


2014.12.21 SUN 1PM
關鍵議題駐村講座「Do it yourself!」
Burning Issue Residency Talk “Do it yourself!”

Do it yourself!

主持:鄭美雅|主講:Nikhil RAUNAK, Jen WU
Host: Meiya CHENG|Speakers: Nikhil RAUNAK, Jen WU

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(The talk is in English with Chinese interpretation. 本座談以英文進行,並附有中文翻譯)

關鍵議題駐村講座「Do it yourself!」

位在孟買的藝術機構Clark House Initiative成立於2010年,成員包括兩位策展人,以及七位平均年齡二十多歲的年輕藝術家,為孟買活躍於國際的藝術機構。在缺乏藝術公共資源的昂貴城市,孟買,這群營運者以接近共產社群的組織方式,彼此分享資源,發展出各種DIY的生產模式執行各項計畫,營運者積極結合本地與國際的外部機構,挑戰、或填補印度藝術環境中的縫隙。

位於倫敦的temporaryContemporary,由Jen WU與Anthony GROSS創始於2004,初期以南倫敦Deptford為基地,結合藝術家工作室與計畫空間,將藝術機構定位為社會性的聚會空間,舉辦包括音樂,影像,裝置等等不同形式的計劃性展演。其後成為一個流動機構,在酒吧、廢棄空間、皇家藝術研究院、泰德美術館、 歐洲及中國等地進行各種實驗藝術計畫。



Nikhil Raunak/主講
Nikhil Raunak生於1988年,為跨領域藝術家以及策展人,於2013年在孟買 Sir  JJ藝術學院獲得繪畫與版畫碩士學位,創作結合各種媒材,並持續挑戰版畫、雕塑、裝置、繪畫、錄像、行為攝影的界線。他亦是孟買藝術團體Shunya在2012年的創始成員,Shunya一詞意為數學裡的「無」,代表從中立點開始。他現為孟買Clark House Initiative共同藝術總監,本次講座將介紹該組織如何從策展合作開始,演變為工會與孟買藝術家社群。

Jen Wu/主講
Jen Wu為藝術家以及策展人,在曼徹斯特與雪福德兩地生活與工作,作品探究社會與物質之間的交集,創造集體可能性與解放潛能的結構,以介入模式從事創作,在此延伸領域中,將雕塑物件展演為藝術事件,目前以持續五年的“工業行動”形式展開於英國雪福德的公共領域之中。


Burning Issue Residency Talk “Do it yourself!”
Art institutions are often reflective to local economic and social structures. They are not only cultural constructs, but also related to imagination and practice on alternative labor and economic models. Art institutions independently founded and operated by artists and curators usually criticize on existing art systems and respond to personal production needs. It is an escape, overthrow or challenge to existing production models.

Clark House Initiative was founded in 2010 in Mumbai, including two curators and seven young artists in their 20s on average. It is active internationally. In this expensive city without public art resources, this group share what they have in hand, organize almost like a communist community, and develop various DIY production models for projects. They work extensively with local and international organizations to challenge or fill the voids in art world in India.

Temporarycontemporary was founded by Jen WU and Anthony GROSS in 2004 initially at Deptford in southern London. Combined with studio and project space, it defines art institution as social gathering space, organizing performances in various formats, such as music, image and installation. It later becomes a nomad institution, conducting multiple experimental art projects in bars, abandoned spaces, Royal Academy of Arts, Tate, Europe and China.

The event invites co-founders from these two institutions to share their institutional practices and insights on art production.

Meiya Cheng/Host
Freelance curator and currently chair of the Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Meiya Cheng, lives and works in Taipei. Her selected curated exhibitions include: Augmenting the World, (The 6th Taipei Digital Art Festival, international section, 2011) Trading Futures, (co-curated with Pauline Yao, TCAC, 2012, and 6th Queens International (co-curated with Hitomi Iwasaki, Queens Museum, NYC.) She was invited to participate in forums and seminars including Asia Triennial Manchester, Leipzig Museum of Contemporary Art and Asia Pacific Triennial. In 2013, she organized “Curating and the Institutions” forum at TCAC, and edited the reader “Does Europe Matter?” (Artco Magazine, part of the program in Europe to the Power of N.)

Nikhil Raunak/Speaker
Nikhil Raunak (b. 1988)  is a multi-discipline artist and curator who completed his  graduation  and  masters  in painting and  printmaking  from  Sir  JJ  School  of  Art,  Bombay 2013,  combining  various  mediums,  and continuously challenging  the boundaries between  printmaking,  sculpture,  installation,  painting,  video and performative photography.

Nikhil Raunak is also founder member of Bombay based artist collective “Shunya”. Shunya means ‘void’, it is used to define a mathematical concept of nothingness. The title explains a beginning from a point of neutrality. Shunya was formed in 2012.

Nikhil Raunak is currently co-artistic director of Clark House Initiative Bombay. He will speak about how Clark House Initiative – that began as a curatorial collaborative, turned also into a union and a community of artists in Bombay.

Jen Wu/Speaker
Jen Wu is an artist and curator living and working in Manchester and Salford. Her work explores the overlap between the social and the material, to create structures of collective possibility and liberatory potential. Working in an interventionist mode, it manifests in an expanded field where sculpture becomes Event. This is currently taking form as a five years ‘industrial action’ taking place on public land in Salford UK.


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