2014.6.13 The Burnning Issue Residency Programme: When (not) to let go – Lee Kit – Opening | 關鍵議題駐村計劃:甚麼時候(不)放手 – 李傑 – 開幕茶會

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2014.6.13. 7pm

The Burnning Issue Residency Programme: When (not)  to let go – Lee Kit – Opening

關鍵議題駐村計劃:甚麼時候(不)放手 – 李傑 – 開幕茶會

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(The speech is in Chinese. 演講以中文進行。)



「有一天, 在我約好了要出門以前的兩個小時,突然間很想只待在家,看著書架上的書。我心裏知道這不是一時衝動。最後我還是準時赴約,只是從此以後我比較留意到心裏的這個聲音。而且有時候我蠻清楚為甚麼他、或者說,我,在某些事情上為甚麼說不好。」(李傑)

源自於不自覺的對個體性的重視,但又總帶著某程度上的不確定, 這一次藝術家駐村計劃,先是對TCAC的空間進行一些改動,配上幾首配樂,架起理解的背景。另一方面還有四場藝術家像在大學critique一般的講座,意圖從個體性的一些不同面向,找出一些甚麼東西來。












When (not) to let go

‘One day, I felt like I just want to stay home 2 hours before my meeting. I simply want to sit on the sofa, looking at the books on the bookshelves. Anyhow, I still made it to the meeting on time. But since then, I started to notice this voice inside me. Moreover, sometimes I quite understand why he – or say, I – say no in some occasions.’ by Lee Kit

This residency originated from an unconscious concern on individuality with certain kind of uncertainty. At first, the space of TCAC will be slightly manipulated, with several songs as the chosen soundtrack. These will be he background for a further understanding, if possible. On the other hand, there will be 4 artist talks that simulate the critique section in the university. The intention will be, trying to look into individuality in different perspectives, to find out something.


Lee Kit

Lee Kit currently lives and works in Hong Kong and Taipei. He’s the representative of Hong Kong at 2013 Venice Biennale. Lee’s works are away from representational tendencies and the limitations of stretched canvas, reducing the act of painting to a network of repetitive lines and squares. He takes the process of creation to record the loss of time and emotions. His recent installations combine different objects, images and mediums to form sparse yet intimate settings that suggest traces of immaterialised relationships.


Project director: Meiya CHENG

Project manager: Jo Ying Peng

Executive Team: Frankie SU, Yen-Hsiang FANG,  YU Cheng-Ta, Fong-Ray Hsu, Chen Hsiautsa, Shu Han Chang

Project assistant: Tiffany Lay

The programme is sponsored by the MINISTRY OF CULTURE


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