2015.09.25- 10.04 Jun Yang “The Monograph Project” Book Launch Event and Exhibition |辦桌——楊俊同名專輯新書發表會暨展覽

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新書發表會:2015.09.25 (五) 7pm
展覽:2015.09.25 – 10.04

藝術家楊俊的「個人同名專輯」(The Monograph Project)出版計畫包含六卷專書,由楊俊18年來所完成的創作計畫與關鍵議題所構成。透過不同格式、紙材、封面、裝幀,以及楊俊名字的變體:「June Young」、「Yang Jun」、「Tun Yang」、「Jan Jung」、「Yi Chuan」到「 Jun Yang」——源自藝術家經常面對不同文化脈絡背景下的成長背景,所經歷的不同名字之拼寫和發音版本,促使此計畫不僅只作為個人作品專輯,更是關於自傳書寫、命名與自我認同等課題的探討。



本計畫中所有專書的概念皆由楊俊與芭芭拉.史坦娜所發展,並由Oliver Klimpel視覺化呈現。「個人專輯」將由兩個部分於2015與2017分別出版,一次出版三個專輯。


楊俊同時是台北當代藝術中心的共同發起人——源自於他在2008年台北雙年展中所發起的計畫。並且曾經與其兄Tie Yang及友人Dong Ngo共同創辦「ra’mien」(2002)和「ra’mien go」連鎖(2012)餐廳/酒吧。近期楊俊與其夥伴開設了「mitte Café」 和「Gyoza Brothers」,皆位於維也納。
楊俊目前由 Galerie Martin Janda(維也納)、維他命藝術空間(北京、廣州)與ShugoArts(東京)等藝廊代理。

Book launch event: 2015.09.25 (Fri.) 7pm
Presentation: 2015.09.25 – 10.04
Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT: Daqiaotou Station)
Artist/speaker: Jun Yang

Altogether six volumes form the monograph of Jun Yang. It is structured alongside key issues and key projects the artist has done over the past eighteen years. Formats, papers, covers, and even his name change: from June Young, Yang Jun, Tun Yang, Jan Jung, Yi Chuan to Jun Yang. Having grown up and lived in different cultural contexts, the artist has often faced variations of his name in spelling and pronunciation. This has formed the point of departure not only for his monograph but for many of his artistic projects, which deal with biographical writing, naming and questions of identity.

According to its general definition, a monograph is a specialist work of writing on a single subject, usually by a single author. This is only partly the case here: the subject is indeed the work of Jun Yang, it is overseen by one editor but many authors contribute. At any rate, The Monograph Project is not an overly ambitious monograph that celebrates one artist’s work—on the contrary, it challenges the genre of monographs, monographic and biographic writing centred around the person of one artist and his oeuvre. Consequently, monograph and biographical writing turn themselves into subjects of examination.

Through the form of “setting tables” (bang-do), a local custom of preparing a feast, the Book Launch Event at TCAC will present the first three volumes of “The Monograph Project” published earlier in July. The event features more than a sharing of The Monograph Project by the artist, but also serves as a gathering and discussion with key contributors of this project. A 10-days exhibition will follow through to have a visual presentation on the concept of the Monograph Project.

The concept for this and the other books has been developed by Jun Yang and Barbara Steiner, and translated into a visual format by Oliver Klimpel. The monograph will be published in two parts, with three volumes each, in 2015 and 2017.

About artist/speaker
Jun Yang is an artist based in Vienna, Taipei and Yokohama.
His works encompass various media—including film, installation, performance and projects in public space. Exhibitions: Gwangju Biennale 2012, Taipei Biennial 2008, Liverpool Biennial 2006, 51st Biennale di Venezia 2005, and Manifesta 4 in 2002.
Yang is a co-founder of the Taipei Contemporary Art Center, which emerged from a project he initiated at the Taipei Biennial 2008. With his brother Tie Yang and friend Dong Ngo, he co-founded the restaurant/bar ra’mien, 2002 and the ra’mien go chain, 2012. Most recently, Yang and his partners opened mitte Café and Gyoza Brothers. All of them are located in Vienna.
Jun Yang is represented by Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna; Vitamin Creative Space, Beijing and Guangzhou; and ShugoArts, Tokyo.