2016.11.10 Curatorial Instruments in Speculation: Workshop#4 From immersive to discursive 策展工器:工作坊#4 從全觀體驗性到探索性推演


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工作坊#4  從全觀體驗性到探索性推演


此次的工作坊將從內觀體驗到探索性推演為主軸作出發,進而討論推演式與體驗式的策展實踐。藉由以2010台北雙年展以及Para Site的展覽《工餘》作為案例分享,進而再思何為感知經驗的角色做為藝術機構中知識的集結與傳遞?而何為機構內的公共節目之功能與定位做為研究與知識生產的策展模式?外部的公共性資源又如何挹注於機構的知識生產之上?

周安曼為香港Para Site藝術空間教育與公共項目策展人,近年策劃展覽包括《工餘》(聯合策展, 2016)、《亞洲調查-Bruce Yonemoto個展》(2015)、《第十屆上海雙年展》(聯合策展, 2014)。她曾擔任第七屆台北雙年展助理策展人,並參與多位藝術家作品、影片及展覽製作等。2014年她成立「一本文化」為一致力推廣發行藝術家刊物的獨立出版社。她曾為多本展覽畫冊及出版品擔任編輯,並發表文章於《藝術家雜誌》、《今藝術》、《LEAP藝術界》以及《ArtReview Asia》等。



Workshop#4 From immersive to discursive
Time: 7-9pm, Nov 10, 2016
Venue: Open Contemporary Art Center(No.25, Ganzhou St., Datong Dist., TAIPEI CITY 10346, TAIWAN)
Organizers: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Hong-gah Museum
Sign-up here, the workshop opens for 12 participants, and it will be in Chinese.

From immersive to discursive

This lecture will take its point of departure the discussion on discursive and immersive curating, by presenting two projects as examples, Taipei Biennial 2010 and Afterwork (2015-2016, Para Site, Hong Kong), and rethinking: what is the role of the sensory experience in gathering and disseminating knowledge in art institution? What is the function and position of public programs as curatorial models for research and knowledge production? How does the public contribute to the institution knowledge production?

About speaker:
Freya Chou is Curator of Education and Public Programmes at Para Site. Her recent curatorial projects include Afterwork (co-curators, 2016), An Asia Survey – Bruce Yonemoto (2015), Social Factory – The 10th Shanghai Biennial (co-curators, 2014). She was Assistant Curator of the 7th Taipei Biennial (2010).  In 2014, she founded YiBen Book, an independent publishing house committed to producing artists’ books. She has written and edited many publications and contributed to periodicals, including Artist Magazine, ARTCO, LEAP and ArtReview Asia.

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