2015.12.05-31 Exhibition: You Are Not What You Think You Are – A Solo Show by Chang Yun-Han |其實我們什麼也不是-張允菡個展








本展覽為藝術家張允菡參與2014年 The Arctic Circle 極圈短期駐村計畫後的階段性成果。











You Are Not What You Think You Are – A Solo Show by Chang Yun-Han

Time: 2015.12.5-31, Wed – Sun, 1-7pm

Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT: Daqiaotou Station)

Opening: 2015.12.5, 3pm

Artist Talk: 2015.12. 5, 4pm

With speakers: Jian Tzu-Chieh, Esther Lu


This exhibition is resulted from Chang Yun-Han’s participation in the Arctic Circle residency project to present her work-in-progress research.

In Chang’s application letter to the residency, she wrote, “When we arrive the north arctic circle and stand on top of this planet, does it really mean that we stand on top of the entire world?” Since this area is not inhabited by human for long-term living, and is far from the ordinary human experience, how can we connect with such desolate and rich nature? Chang believes that individuals are surrounded by gigantic structures when confronting social issues, and is therefore interested in understanding how individual experiences are created, shaped and written in the opposite arctic circumstance to eventually form communities and the world accordingly. Why does the North Pole gradually become the symbol for the global disaster today, even being like no man’s land? Or, do we simply invent allegories such as global warming and oil war from the human society?

One year after the trip, the artist attempts to illustrate the experience through the form of an exhibition to employ multiple texts and narrations to address how art could construct the way we learn about the world, contemplate on possibilities we imagine islands and elsewhere.


About the artist

Born 1985, Chang Yun-Han lives and works in Taipei. She obtained her MFA in Sculpture from the National Taiwan University of Arts. Her works have been presented in Compound Eyes-Killing Image Lots in Taipei (2012) in Hong-Gah Museum, Live Ammo (2011) in Taipei MOCA, 2010 Taipei Biennial in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, etc. She was shortlisted by the Taipei Art Award in 2009.

Chang’s practice had been focusing on the presence of everyday life, and her works reflected the subtle invisibility in the surrounding to explore those common experiences and borders that were waiting to be named. Her recent concerns address to connection, relation and practice between individual and society, as well as the construction of them. She believes that art exists in reality, and the human imagination could create raptures for perception.


This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Taipei Contemporary Art Center, and is supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Exhibition Technology by Thousand Bird Arts

Graphic Design by Peng Guan-Jie

Special thanks to Liao Yi-Hui and Tseng Pei-Han