TCAC One-day Video Lounge: A Flexible Daily Life
TCAC 一日錄像廳:伸縮自如的日常

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放映:2017.10.8(日)10am – 5pm

放映片單 (20分鐘輪播):
美好的生活,陳依純 (2011)
紀錄片III-吃角子老虎機,吳長蓉 (2010)
一號與狗,吳其育 (2011)


林熙堯,a.k.a. CY。1993年生。南投人。畢業於政治大學廣告學系,多重寫字人,代稱常見於手寫字。



Screening: 2017.10.8 Sun. 10am – 5pm
Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street (MRT: Daqiaotao Station)
Screening Programmer: Lin Hsi-Yao

Screening list (Loop for every 20minutes):
Beautiful Day,Chen I-Chun (2011)
Documentary III-Slot Machine,Wu Chang Jung (2010)
The Nuclear Power Plentand and the Dog,Wu Chi-Yu (2011)

What is “daily life?” Taking eat and drink for example, every second in our lives is precious fragment. All we can see in our daily life is finished product, but it’s difficult for us to realize the process behind the production of them. These selected short videos are the part of  our “daily life.” It seems no relevant with each other. In fact, they can be small enough to penetrate into our bodies, or be as large as every object that human beings can see in the exterior of human bodies. They seem so usual but to be the most important part of human beings, and be also the invisible hands which to manipulate the daily life.

About the Screening Programmer
Lin Hsi-Yao, as known as CY, member of the Y generation, raised in Nantou, Taiwan. Graduated from Department of Advertising, National Chengchi University, a multi-writer, the abbreviation “CY” is known for Chinese handwriting design.

This event is also a part of the Open Studio series in the Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts.