2015.06.13-21 Black Market White Paper: Taipei Contemporary Art Center Fundraising Exhibition


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預展:6月12日 6PM

展期:6月13-21日,週三-週日 1 – 7PM



Black Market White Paper: Taipei Contemporary Art Center Fundraising Exhibition

Preview: 12 June, 6PM

Time: 13 – 21 June, Wed – Sun 1-7PM

Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49 Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT: Daqiaotou Station)






When a price tag is attached to a work of art in the capitalist society, what kind of labor relation and production activities does it suggest or conceal? What kind of capital and desire are behind its speculation? How do those production behaviors ruled out by the market economy continue to sustain themselves? How do individuals and organizations create their survival strategies and tools in the art ecology?

Art does not always confront reality with resolutions; art often attempts to contribute to creating conditions and situations with imagination to break through the status quo and build a new reality. Art economy is a production of creative contents and symbolic capitals that involves highly specific, autonomous, individual or collective laboring in the production of image, knowledge, culture, sense and relation, and shapes social structure, affective network, ideology and zeitgeist accordingly. When such production is given a form for a material existence or a sensible medium, it places itself in the complex market dynamics and culture field determined by various parameters set by institution, power and desire. From its production, exhibition, distribution and consumption, art economy has generated different mutated or even performative models and regulations to invent an unofficial, unnamable, obscure black market.

Since the beginning of 2015, Taipei Contemporary Art Center has been transforming itself to reflect its own production conditions and situated environment, redesigning its organizational structure and institutional role and redefining its values and responsibilities in the reality, ecology and history of art. With plaza as the core concept in its new mission, TCAC seeks to commoning energy and capacity in art to redistribute social relations for participation, expression, exchange and production. By blurring the divisions among various processes of art production and building new connections among players in the field, TCAC will examine its work ethics and economic potentials in this opportunity. Black Market White Paper demonstrates such ambition by exhibiting TCAC’s programs, project proposals and financial schemes of 2015 and 2016. It is a transparent introduction on the institution’s future plans, dreams and methodologies. Above all, it is TCAC’s fundraising action—exploring the coproduction of art and common in an alternative black economy.