Video Lounge


「TCAC 錄像廳」是鑲嵌於TCAC內部的多義性影像活動空間,旨在開放「作為檔案的影像」與「作為活動的影像」之間的聯繫可能性。它是一個多變的概念性空間,處於私密房間與公共空間之間的曖昧地帶;同時亦是一種併發於視、聽、肢體、皮層等官能性活動的影像症候群。TCAC 錄像廳是TCAC的浮動記憶體,它作為TCAC藝術家檔案室功能的全新延伸,提供一個讓研究者與錄像密切對話的私房場域。

TCAC錄像廳由黃其玟與Bart Dekker所贊助

Video is a plural language / Video as an archive syndrome /
Video as self-proliferation of everyday life
Video is the exile of the cinema / Video is anti-propaganda / Video is self-retrospection / Video is movements / Video is a solitary island
Video is subconsciousness / Video is underground
Video is the shade of moon / Video is the ocean

TCAC Video Lounge is a polysemous space for activities of and around moving images in Taipei Contemporary Art Center, opening the possibilities to engage and enact the concept of “image as archive” and “image as movement.” As a versatile space, it is a conceptual zone between a private room and public space with undefined destinations and determined aims—it is an imagery syndrome of the visual, audio, physical and cortical sensory activities. TCAC Video Lounge that functions as the floating memory space of TCAC is the new extension of artists’ archives, providing intimate encounters and dialogues between visiting researchers and video works.

TCAC Video Lounge is sponsored by Chi-Wen Huang & Bart Dekker