International Exchange

台北當代藝術中心自2017年八月起於墨西哥啟動為期三個月的藝術家駐地創作計畫《座標之外·演繹動詞》,由彭若瑩策劃並邀集共計五位台灣藝術家蘇匯宇、鄭宜蘋、張紋瑄、林人中以及余政達前往墨西哥進行國際交流,展開系列的田野調查、現地創作以及階段性發表如表演、展覽與工作坊等,並與在地藝術組織Perros Negros以及Vernacular Institute聯合辦理計畫發表。

Taipei Contemporary Art Center is pleased to present There after Here: Performing a Verb, a curatorial project to develop bilateral cultural exchange with the aim of building a long-term dialogue between artists and curators in the Latin America and Asia. Curated by Jo Ying Peng, the visiting artists include Su Hui-Yu, Cheng Yi-Ping, Chang Wen-Hsuan, River Lin and Yu Cheng-Ta who will conduct artistic field research towards a series events presented by Vernacular Institute and hosted by Perros Negros, Mexico.