2015.05.31 7:30pm DJ Strausss – A Seamless Egg: The Schema of Plunderphonics 無縫之蛋—掠奪采樣拼貼的圖式



DJ Strausss:無縫之蛋—掠奪采樣拼貼的圖式

時間:May 31, 7:30pm



采樣作為當代音樂和聲音藝術中常見的手法已經屢見不鮮,但采用他人的音樂樣本構建自己的作品一直在音樂領域、著作權領域卻一直飽受爭議。聲音藝術家馮昊一直使用DJ Strausss這個偽DJ的名字作為創作代號,專門以掠奪性采樣拼貼的手法進行相關創作。此次活動中DJ Strausss會進行表演並在隨後的講談時間中介紹自己的采樣拼貼作品及拼貼美學觀。


馮昊,藝術家、實驗音樂家。以聲音藝術和實驗音樂為主要載體,同時涉及繪畫、行為表演、影像與劇場表演等多個領域,是一位跨界並風格龐雜的藝術家。他的作品主要是對各種社會現象的反照與批判。他研究預制吉他的演奏並探索在此種手法上的各種可能性,曾組建實驗樂隊“阿米巴”,後又與李增輝成立實驗組合“核桃室”。他以DJ Strausss為代號創作掠奪性采樣拼貼(Plunder Phonics)。


DJ Strausss – A Seamless Egg: The Schema of Plunderphonics

Time: May 31, 7:30pm

Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center

Artist: Feng Hao

Sampling is not an unfamiliar skill in the field of contemporary music and sound art, whilst using samples to rebuild artworks has been drawing debates on copyright issues. DJ Strausss is a delusive name of the artist Feng Hao, who sees sampling as the only way to recreate artworks.

A short conversation between the artist and audience will be hold after the performance to introduce the aesthetic view of the artist.


About the artist

Feng Hao is an artist and experimental musician who works with sound art and experimental music, and his artistic expressions extend to painting, action, video and theatre performance, crossing various disciplines and styles. His work responds to social phenomenon as a critical reflection. He has been exploring the techniques and potentials of prepared guitar, and formed an experimental band Amoeba and initiated an experimental duo The Walnut Room with Li Zhenhui. DJ Stausss is his code for plunder phonics creation.