2017.03.31 Talk: Poor Theory: The Necessity of Critical Curiosity

Ears from the Future 
Workshops conceived by Hong-Kai Wang
Amman, Jordan


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時間:2017.03.31 (五), 19:00 – 21:00
講者:林沁怡, 王虹凱


這場名為「貧理論:批判性意興之必要」的開放性的講座,將由獨立策展人林沁怡與藝術家王虹凱進行對談,研究者許芳慈擔任主持,共同反思東南亞與東亞知識與訊息背後的當代進程,這場對話企圖探索研究導向的藝術與策展實踐所建構的過渡之際與萌發瞬息之間、考掘實踐動力中的歷史緊張感以及當代藝術實踐者所處的龐雜脈絡。本活動主題的「貧理論」援引自香港比較研究理論家Ackbar Abbas所提出的「貧理論:邁向宣言的筆記」(https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/21808575/poor-theory-notes-toward-a-manifesto),並以此宣言作為對談論述與辯論的參照。


林沁怡是一位以新加坡為據地的獨立策展人與寫作者,他曾於香港Parasite、新加坡國立大學美術館與新加坡美術館擔任過策展人職務。林沁怡於2012年於完成de Appel策展課程的研修,在新加坡大學東南亞研究所完成碩士學位,澳洲昆士蘭大學取得藝術史學士學位。他過去的策展計畫包括「工餘」(Para Site, 2016)、「當下/未來」(Artissima 20, Turin) 、「Telah Terbit: Out Now」 (新加坡美術館, 2006), 「為何留下倘若你能啟程? 」(Stedelijk Museum, 2011), 與「三位藝術家步入酒吧 . . . 」(de Appel, 2012).

王虹凱是一位以台北與維也納為據地的藝術家、研究者暨教育者,她是維也納美術學院美術創作實踐博士候選人,也是美國巴德學院聲響/音樂碩士班教師。王虹凱創作歷程體現知識制域、意識形態、語言與認同之間的張力,其知識關懷歸因於縈繞在其島嶼經驗養成中的殖民歷史,驅動她將分析視角放在權力、生存經歷、歷史交錯點上消亡的知識政治,並在美學、論述與知識生產的重疊之處加以脈絡化檢驗 。王虹凱即將在第14屆卡賽爾文件展的Everytime A Ear di Soun – a documenta 14 Radio Program發表一件聲音作品 (2017)。過去曾參與台北雙年展(台北,2016)與京都國際現代藝術季(京都,2015)等國際展演活動。

許芳慈是一位獨立研究者暨策展人,美國芝加哥藝術學院藝術策展學群碩士畢業,目前為新加坡國立大學社會科學所亞洲文化研究課程博士候選人 。其寫作散見於《今藝術》、《藝術界》與線上媒體「數位荒原」等藝評平台。


Time: 31 March (Fri.) 2017, 19:00 – 21:00
Speakers: Qinyi Lim, Hong-Kai Wang
Moderator: Fang-Tze Hsu
Organizer &Supporter: Spring Foundation
Co-organizer & Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center

The event will be conducted in both Chinese and English.

Poor Theory: The Necessity of Critical Curiosity is a conversation between Qinyi Lim, independent curator; Hong-Kai Wang, artist; and Fang Tze Hsu, independent curator and researcher. Reflecting on the contemporary processes behind knowledge and information production in Southeast and East Asia, this conversation seeks to explore the liminal and emergent zones created by research driven artistic and curatorial practice, the exigencies that informs these manifestations, and the complex positions occupied by the practitioners. This event derives its title from Hong Kong critical theorist Ackbar Abbas’ Poor Theory – Notes towards a Manifesto (https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/21808575/poor-theory-notes-toward-a-manifesto) and takes the manifesto as a discursive point of reference.

About Speaker
Qinyi Lim is an independent curator and writer based in Singapore. She previously held curatorial positions at Para Site, Hong Kong; National University of Singapore Museum and the Singapore Art Museum. Lim completed the de Appel Curatorial programme in 2012 and has written for Art Agenda and Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative. She holds Masters in Southeast Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore and graduated with honors in Art History from University of Queensland, Australia. Past exhibitions include Past projects include Afterwork (Para Site, 2016), Present/Future (Artissima 20, Turin), Eros (in collaboration with Clark House Initiative, University Museum and Art Gallery The University of Hong Kong, 2014), Telah Terbit: Out Now (Singapore Art Museum, 2006), Why Stay If You Can Go? (Stedelijk Museum, 2011), and Three Artists Walk Into A Bar . . . (de Appel, 2012).

Hong-Kai Wang is an artist, researcher and educator based in Vienna and Taipei. She is currently a PhD in Practice candidate at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Wang is also part of the MFA Music/Sound faculty of Bard College, USA. The process of Wang’s research-based practice is informed by the tension between languages, ideologies, identities and knowledge regimes she experienced growing up on an island long plagued by histories of colonialism. It is situated at the intersection of aesthetic, discursive and knowledge production, often concerned with politics of missing knowledges resulted by encounters between histories, lived experience and power. Upcoming and past exhibitions include Everytime A Ear di Soun – a documenta 14 Radio Program (2017), Taipei Biennial (Taipei, 2016) and Parasophia Kyoto International Festival Contemporary Culture (Kyoto, 2015), among others.

About Moderator
Fang-Tze Hsu is an independent researcher and curator. She holds an MA in curatorial studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a Ph.D. candidate in the Cultural Studies in Asia programme of the National University of Singapore. Hsu has also contributed to ARTCO Magazine (Taiwan), LEAP (China), and the online art criticism platform, No Mans Land.