2018.01.05-06 Salon Spice Season II Episode 8: Book Launch & Reading—No Name Traveler and Its Visual Archive


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2018.01.05-06 辛沙龍第二季第八集:《無名行旅者》新書發表與現場視覺檔案索引閱讀會

時間:2018.01.05-06(五、六), 1-7pm







Salon Spice Season II Episode 8: Book Launch & Reading—No Name Traveler and Its Visual Archive

Time: 2018.01.05-06 (Fri & Sat), 1-7pm
Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT station: Daqiaotao)
Artist: Val Lee

No Name Traveler comprises the latest writing of Val Lee, director of Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel Art Collective. The intensive narratives of Lee run in a seamless flow, passing between the realm of the documentary and of the fictional to reveal artist’s life experiences and concerns. Every sentence is crafted as a shinning blade slicing through various margins and dark nights. The writing sheds light on parts of the internal psyche and shadows of GMGS’s live art projects as well as the methodology behind their aesthetic exploration. 

To accompany the book launch, a special reading room is hosted to display GMGS’s live art visual archive, showing their previous work documents as an alternative index system for the new publication. The site will be transformed into a reading room, an extended book, rocking along with the active reading behaviors of audience. The reading room is open for a single audience per entry. 

There are signed copies available during this book launch and reading event. 

About the Artist

Val Lee is the director and co-founding artist of Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel Art Collective which was launched in 2008 as a live art group, exploring the ambiguous intercommunication with audience, dramatized fragment of time, and interdisciplinary art expressions. Led by Val Lee and Hikky Chen, whose academic background relate to video art, ballet and costume design, GMGS practices live art anonymously with a revolving set of members that come from the field of independent media, comic, improvisational noise, and art. The aim of the group is to create visionary atmosphere in which everyone could reconstruct the fictional reality. The artists, the audience, and the performers become a unity, and transform the chaotic art experiences into realistic super bombs. Their latest performances include Charting the Contours of Time (2017), The Black Waves (2016), White Terror, White Horror, White Thriller (2013), and Underwater (2012).