2017.08.12 Salon Spice Season II Episode 2: Body Work Exercise Class

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時間:2017.08.12, 5-6pm

本次體育課內容由工作坊參與者共同發展設計:Tyler Coburn、卜允婷、王鐘銘、方彥翔、李彥儀、呂岱如、林沁怡、林亭君、張欣、莊博舜




Time: 2017.08.12, 5-6pm
Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT Daqiaotou Station)

A public exercise class collaboratively designed by Sheryl Cheung, Tomtom Chuang, Tyler Coburn, Yen-Hsiang Fang, Yen-Yi Lee, Qinyi Lim, Xia Lin, Esther Lu, Ivy Po, and Chung-Ming Wang

Over the past week, we have been method actors on the stage of fitness: pulsing to Jane Fonda’s original workout video, burpee-ing to near-exhaustion.  We have imagined new forms of exercise premised not on discipline and competition, but mistakes, misreadings, and play.  We have cursed every flight of stairs we’ve had to climb, due to the nonstop pain in our hamstrings.

This Saturday, we will show you what’s come from our workshop, in an exercise class designed for the public at large.  Wear your fitness clothes, but don’t expect your usual one-hour sweat.  We’ll be moving in strange (and sometimes ridiculous) ways—and exercising new body imaginaries 🙂