2016.08.03 Talk: The Art of Whitney Vangrin and Her Community of Artists in New York|座談:Whitney Vangrin的藝術和她在紐約的藝術家社群


時間 | 2016.08.03(三)7:00pm
地點 | 台北當代藝術中心,台北市保安街49巷11號(捷運大橋頭站)
主講 | Whitney Vangrin
主持人 | Kit Hammonds

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This event will be conducted in English.

來自紐約的表演藝術家、雕刻家Whitney Vangrin將於這場藝術家座談中介紹她的作品以及社群。

Whitney在Parsons獲得藝術學位後,便和其他藝術家共同經營了1:1藝術家自營空間。1:1作為一個臨時的自由空間,定期舉辦展覽和活動。而在該藝術空間結束後,她開始嘗試和其他藝術家、設計師、製片人合作。她的作品曾於MOMA PS.1 Queens、布魯克林的Issue Project Room、ICA London、瑞士的Walriss Gallery和邁阿密的Gallery Diet展出。





Date | 2016.08.03(Wed.)7:00pm
Venue | Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT Daqiaotou Station)
Speaker | Whitney Vangrin
Moderator | Kit Hammonds

New York-based performance artist and sculptor Whitney Vangrin will introduce her work and her community in this talk. 

After graduating with a BFA from Parsons, Whitney co-founded the artist-run space 1:1. 1:1 acted as a Temporary Autonomous Zone, marked by frequent exhibitions and events. Following the dissolve of the physical 1:1, she began numerous collaborations with fellow artists, designers, and filmmakers. Her work has been shown at MOMA PS.1 Queens; Issue Project Room, Brooklyn; ICA London; Walriss Gallery, Switzerland, and Gallery Diet, Miami.

Her artist talk will discuss how she sees performance, film and sculpture working in unison with one another. She will touch on the physical and psychological aspects of her performances, and how she questions perceptions of authenticity, creating works that hinge upon realism and construction.

Another topic to be discussed will be how each performance is an event meant to negate passivity both in the performer and audience. She seeks to awaken the performer and the observer to their lived body, and subjugate people’s indifference and cynicism. She will also delve into some of the hidden narratives within her performance.

Following discussion of her body of work, Whitney will introduce the audience to the diverse community of artists with whom she associates and collaborates within the downtown New York scene and how those relationships have influenced her practice and life.

Image Credit: Whitney Vangrin at WallRiss Kunstraum in Fribourg, 2013, photo by Nicolas Brodard