2016.04.15-17 Screening – The Canals without Wasted Spring: Friends and Shades of an Artist Collective


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關於 TCAC Video Lounge
「TCAC Video Lounge 」是鑲嵌於TCAC內部的多義性影像活動空間,旨在開放「作為檔案的影像」與「作為活動的影像」之間的聯繫可能性。它是一個多變的概念性空間,處於私密房間與公共空間之間的曖昧地帶;同時亦是一種併發於視、聽、肢體、皮層等官能性活動的影像症候群。Video Lounge是TCAC的浮動記憶體,它作為TCAC藝術家檔案室功能的全新延伸,提供一個讓研究者與錄像密切對話的私房場域。


The Canals without Wasted Spring: Friends and Shades of an Artist Collective
Opening: 8PM, April 15, 2016
Screening: April 15-17
Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Participating Artists: Chang En-Man, Chen Szu Han, Chou Yu-Cheng, Fan Hsiao-Lan, Fuxinghen Studio, Lo Shih-Tung


Every new wave conveys their disappearing faith.

The April program of TCAC Video Lounge brings the focus on our new neighbor Open-Contemporary Art Center and the image narratives orbiting around and departing from this artist collective. It is an investigation on the entanglement of individual and collective biopolitics as well as the hydrology of the creative flow and aesthetic influence of the local emerging contemporary artists after 2001, trying to identify the peculiar accent of their shared yet heterogeneous collaboration, which is generated by their communal practice and interactive aesthetic experiences. Their resistance against institutionalization constitutes the phenomenon of “eluding” that becomes the soft dynamics or attitude to confront with the global capitalism society.


As a concept-driven collective, OCAC has its own spatial establishment and regulation for membership (their member composition changes from time to time). This screening program does not seek for a representative overview on this group, but employs a perspective to respond to their shifting tendency, while expanding the vision to reflect on another younger collective Fuxinghen Studio. By addressing to the image quality from their approaches in making fictional history or biography, we may obtain a new understanding on “the otherness” that is overflown from their collective outfacing and interlacement beyond their relational framework of practice. The selected turning nodes/works indicate the conceptual canals such as the entry points of capital in their aesthetic operation, the re-enactment of common experience and memory, the fluxes carried the global network of labor relation as well as the split of aesthetic language. By reading these “new waves,” we shall see a penetrating force composed and composted by aesthetics of friendship politics.


About the TCAC Video Lounge

TCAC Video Lounge is a polysemous space for activities of and around moving images in Taipei Contemporary Art Center, opening the possibilities to engage and enact the concept of “image as archive” and “image as movement.” As a versatile space, it is a conceptual zone between a private room and public space with undefined destinations and determined aims—it is an imagery syndrome of the visual, audio, physical and cortical sensory activities. TCAC Video Lounge that functions as the floating memory space of TCAC is the new extension of artists’ archives, providing intimate encounters and dialogues between visiting researchers and video works.


TCAC Video Lounge is sponsored by Chi-Wen Huang & Bart Dekker