#1 a fetish verb
A Nocturnal Artist Salon by Su Hui-Yu x El Insulto x Pablo Escalón

There after Here: Performing a Verb #1 a fetish verb presents an artist’s salon with a collaborative workshop by Su Hui-Yu and El Insulto, followed by a screening party showing selected video works by Su alongside DJ Pablo Escalón’s performance. The workshop focuses on eroticism and fetishism to open up the context of artistic field research behind his practice. By looking at a certain type of pornographic material that had been the major gratifier for collective desire the workshop discusses the contextual transformation of cult films, b-movies and pornos and looks at how ideologies shape the image towards a rethinking of bodily restrictions and fictions.

Su Hui-Yu (b.1976, based in Taipei) is especially fascinated by the intricate tapestry interwoven by images, media, history, and daily life. In his videos, Su explores both mass media’s impact on viewers, and the projection of viewers’ thoughts and desires onto the media. Su draws from his experiences of being surrounded by cinema, TV culture, advertisement, state apparatuses and terrorism that affect relations between self and other, the body, projection of desires, and illusion and reality. More

El Insulto is a platform interested in body relationships and consumption different from the norm, focusing on eroticism, pornography, fetishism and gore. The aim is to shape a community that shares our interests, promotes the discussion and broadens the research on this topics. More

Pablo Escalón, Colombian musician based in Mexico.

Exchange Workshop by Su Hui-Yu x El Insulto on 4 Aug, 7pm
Screening Party by Su Hui-Yu x Pablo Escalón on 4 Aug, 9pm
Venue: Vernacular Institute (Av. Benjamin Franklin 50, Casa C, Escandón, Mexico City)