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TCAC 的核心價值任務在於創造批判性的公共領域,經營國際交流,致力於前衛實驗性的藝術發展和教育學習的多樣可能,在對文化環境提出省思的同時,實踐觀念性藝術機構的組織樣貌,以回應在地之關鍵需求與向未來拓展的欲望,並持續以跨文化交流的節點運作和探索。

營運至今,TCAC主辦了超過400場以上包括展覽、論壇、座談、工作坊、表演等多類型的藝文活動,主要計畫包括:2010至2011年的長期帶狀活動「青年藝術家沙龍」、「週五夜吧Friday Bar」、2010年「台灣當代藝術論壇雙年展」、2012年「未來事件交易所」展覽、2013年「策展與機構論壇」、2014年「關鍵議題駐村」、2015年「公共製造」國際論壇、2016年「肖像擺」展覽、「共同課題」國際論壇,以及從2014至2016年持續經營的「策展學校」等。




Founded in February 2010, Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) is an independent art space established by Taiwanese artists, curators, critics, writers, scholars and cultural researchers. TCAC aims to provide an open platform to present, exchange, create and share. As an organization, it embraces aesthetic expressions, which test institutional conditions and values beyond market forces and individualism.

The core value and mission of TCAC is to create critical public sphere, promote international exchange and provide diverse art experiment possibilities and learning programs. TCAC investigates the practice of conceptual institution and organization through reflecting the critical paradigms of the cultural environment, and respond to the needs and desires of the local community to explore cross field and cross cultural exchanges.

Since 2010, TCAC has organized more than 400 events, featuring various exhibitions, forums, talks, workshops, performances in the program. The main projects include: Young Artist Salon and Friday Bar (2010-2011), Forum Biennial of Taiwanese Contemporary Art (2010), exhibition Trading Futures (2012), Curating Now and Institutions Forum (2013), The Burning Issues Residency (2014), international workshop and forum Made in Public (2015), exhibition Portrait Portrait (2016), international forum Common Task (2016) and TCAC Curatorial School from 2014 to 2016.

Our current venue provides open resources to the public, including an art library and TCAC Video Lounge x Hong Gah Museum TIVA video art archive. The multi-functional space are used for exhibitions, talks and screening.

TCAC is an association supported by 57 members, including 9 board members and 3 auditors who offer professional advisory, auditory support and fundraising advices. The staff consists of a curatorial team who is responsible for institutional direction, operation, programing and fundraising. Educational opportunities are also provided for interns and volunteers to participate in various aspects of art production.