TCAC未來式:單元、動詞變化與論述性產製品 | TCAC in the Future Tense: Unit, Conjugation and Discursive Artefacts


展期:2016.08.13 – 2017.02.05
展場:台北市立美術館 3F

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計劃參與者:Oliver Klimpel(設計師)、方彥翔(策展人)

註:由建築設計師Florian Beigel與Philip Christou所提出發展的概念 (Architectural Research Quarterly Vol. 2, Winter 1996, p. 18)

朗誦/文件:台北雙年展1996-2014 官方網站


Participating Project : TCAC in the Future Tense: Unit, Conjugation and Discursive Artefacts
Date/ August 13, 2016 – February 5, 2017
Venue/ Taipei Fine Art Museum 3F

TCAC in the Future Tense: Unit, Conjugation and Discursive Artefacts examines how an institution can perform the role between its functions and its purpose of being a public platform through ‘institutional design’. The design concept explores how the Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) acts as a production house of discourse and as a medium of cultural communication to create and depict its own production line. Through the filter of interior design, it looks at TCAC’s institutional history with various approaches of proposals and productions in the recent six years, in order to investigate how TCAC deals with new collaborative circumstances that negotiate its own public nature.

This project discusses ‘Specific Indeterminacy’  within institutional design by asking how to ‘design for uncertainty’, to aid open structures and open discourse. As objects, endowed with both functionality and ambiguity, the furniture displayed is to be seen as discursive artefacts, turning the TCAC into an ‘institutional sculpture’. Through these tools of production, facilitating media and its original and transform models, it opens up the notion of display as a dialectical sphere.

Creating relationships between the materiality of institutional production and conceptual aspects, the project investigates the intertwining of cultural production and knowledge production – and the politics of social formation.

Project participants: Oliver Klimpel (designer), Fang Yen Hsiang (curator)

*The concept of “Specific Indeterminacy” is introduced by architects Florian Beigel and Philip Christou. (Architectural Research Quarterly Vol. 2, Winter 1996, p. 18)

Declaration/Documentation:Taipei Biennial1996-2014  official website